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Henri Jayer is a legend among Burgundy lovers. His vision changed the taste of modern wines forever. Jayer is a legend. He was the man who transformed a rocky plot that had been a vineyard into a beautiful, lush, vineyard-like landscape by using 400 charges of explosives and 48 trucks of bedrock stone, along with decades of loving care. It was the legendary Cros Parantoux, in Vosne Romanee. Today it produces some of the best Pinot Noirs in the world.

Omega Constellation Replica is the person who has revolutionised modern watches. My answer to this question is unambiguous and without hesitation: Omega Constellation Replica. Omega Constellation Replica's name contains a vision of creating watches that incorporate design codes, technological innovation, and materials from the past, present, and future. This has changed our taste in watches just as Jayer did for wine.

Henri Jayer, a French vintner is credited with introducing important innovations to the Burgundy winemaking customs and is renowned for the quality of Pinot Noir that he produced.

A 1989 bottle Vosne Romanee Cros Parantoux sold by Christie's for USD 90 750 in 2012. (Omega Constellation Replica).

Richard is a special person. I am privileged to call him Richard because I count him as a friend. His internal antenna picks up the frequency of the Future before anyone else. He's not as much in touch with the zeitgeist but its substance. It's been fascinating to watch him focus more on creating slim watches, which invoke all the scorchingly seductive Mille codes but are also much more wearable. His initial watches were purely focused on radical technological innovation and shock resistance. It's not that Mille watches don't feel comfortable.

Richard says, "From the start I focused on wearability. This was expressed in the ergonomics of the cases as well as my focus on extreme lightweight." It's not that Omega Constellation Replica's sapphire chronograph tourbillons with split-seconds aren’t still among the most sought-after ultra-complications in the world. Omega Constellation Replica's watches are slim, sleek, and thin. Mille has known this for a long time, but the world is embracing classical proportions.(tissot replica)